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Monday, January 28, 2013

Getting to Knooooow Youuuuu...

I'm really hoping that you were singing along with Anna's song from "The King and I". Nothing gets you spanked back into blogging like being nominated by a friend for a getting-to-know-you blog game! Here's the deal...I give 11 random facts about myself, answer 11 questions, and pose 11 more questions to 11 new bloggers (people with 200 subscribers or less). Here we goooooo....

 My 11 Random Facts
1. I have an extra vertebrae in my back.

2. I am missing 8 permanent teeth because my mouth is so small. (I know...hard to believe).
3. I moved 9 times before going off to college. The farthest move was from Dallas, TX to Warsaw, Poland.

4. I took banjo lessons when I was 16 years old.

5. I can never be tempted with any type of chocolate cake, brownie, lemon dessert, or coconut dessert. Nothing is more depressing than thinking you are being served vanilla cake with vanilla frosting (the best!!) and it turns out to be lemon! 

6. Before marriage, I had one brother. After marriage, I had one brother, ten brother-in-laws, and eight sister-in-laws.

7. I've never been camping. (Unless you call living in a 5th-wheel trailer full-time "camping" :)

8. My very first music pastor was Fernando Ortega.

9. My very favorite shoes to wear are my brown Sanita clogs.

10. My hair grows in a darker shade when I am pregnant. Right now, my hair has four horizontal stripes in it, each about 3 inches long, alternating light brown and dark brown. I literally look like a racoon.

11. I was on a homeschool golf team in highschool.

Answers to "Learning To See" (Susanna Hindman) 
1. Are you a reader? If so, when did your love for reading begin and with what book?
I LOVE to read. I prefer a book over a movie or TV anytime! My parents read to me TONS as a little girl. I remember Dr. Suess and Goodnight Moon. However, I think I really started to love reading when I started series like The Chronicles of Narnia and Anne of Green Gables.

2. What is your favorite landscape? Sea, mountains, beach, city?
I really love the South. I've traveled throughout almost all of America, and there are many pretty places, but I love the greenery, the hills, and the beauty of the South. I think eventually I would love to live somewhere that's not in a crowded suburb, but also 5-10 minutes from Target. ;)

3. What is your favorite way to travel? Plane, car, bus, boat, train, bike, by foot?
Definitely NOT by Ford-350! ;) I prefer plane travel when we are with the babies--it's easier when they don't have to be confined to a carseat. But, I would LOVE to do a cruise one day. ;)

4. What is your favorite app and why?
I love the Desiring God app. Ones like Facebook and Pinterest are automatics as far as usage. But I love the accessibility of sermons and biographies that Desiring God offers. God has definitely used John Piper in my Christian growth!

5. What is the one home-cooked meal you turn to when you're under time pressure?
Probably breakfast for dinner! :) Eggs, bacon, and biscuits! (the pre-made type of course ;)

6. What is the one thing in your home that *must* be organized for your sanity?
Well, seeing as my entire house is 38 feet long, I feel like EVERYTHING needs to be that way or else I go crazy! :) But I've definitely noticed that having the bed made makes a HUGE difference. It's approximately 1/4 of our whole house, so if THAT is messy, I feel like my whole life is messy!

7. If you could learn any language what would it be and why?
Definitely Spanish--I think its uses in ministry in the US are boundless!

8. What is the one skill you hope to perfect?
Folding fitted sheets! :P Was reminded of that today! ;)

9. Describe your fashion style in three words {e.g. vintage. neutral. soft.}
Mommy. Cotton. Loft. ;)

10. Are you a morning person, night owl, nap enthusiast, or a survivor with alternating routines?
Definitely a night owl--but almost by necessity! We are in church every night till 8:30 or 9, and with kids who go to bed at 10-ish, I have a lot to do before in the evenings before I can hit the hay!

11. Fess up. Are you a Downton Abbey fan. If so, what's your reason for watching?
My family actually started watching Downton Abbey when it first came out...way before I saw everyone talking about it on Facebook. :) But I guess I'm not a true fan, because I haven't seen season 2 yet! We rarely have internet access in our I guess we are gonna have to rent it sometime! :)

Now I tag...

My 11 Questions for YOU!
1. If you were given 1 million dollars, and you had to spend it on YOU, what would you buy?
2. What is your favorite household chore to do and why?
3. What was the WORST outfit you remember wearing in elementary school?
4. Who is the most influential person in your life (living or dead, personal friend or someone you've never met)?
5. If you were stuck on a deserted island, what 5 items would you wish you had?
6. Who is your favorite blogger to read?
7. What is your idea of a perfect day?
8. If you could recommend one book to the average American teenager, which book would that be?
9. Given unlimited resources, what is one thing you would like to accomplish in your life?
10. What was your favorite toy as a child?
11. If you were given a gift card to a restaurant with enough money on it to eat there every week for the rest of your life, which restaurant would you pick?


  1. Love this!!! I'm going to have to check out the Desiring God app. & I dearly love your self-described style. :D

  2. I guess since I'm tagged first, I better start thinking! :) It has been a long time since I've blogged, I need the jump start! It's so fun to read this stuff about you, even though I think you're crazy that chocolate doesn't tempt you! :) Oh and, you know, Woodstock has lots of rural places 5-10 minutes from Target. Just saying. :) Btw, Calla keeps singing Happy Birthday to Evi, I think she's pretty excited that her birthday is coming up! :)